My Picture Name: Peter Werner
Age: 36
Eyecolour: Blue/Speckled
Hairstyle: Darkblond, short, goatee
Length: 169cm / 5'7"
Civil Status: Single
Living: Sweden

Occupation: Security- and Networking Consultant
Interest: Photography, Home Theater/Movies, Information, Gaming,
Internet, Archery, Reading, Technology, Electronics.

What about Me.

Well, I'm just your average honest to god gentle guy that wouldn't hurt a fly. But you know what they say, in the calmest waters... But lets not dwell about that now. For the moment I'm working a bit too much as a project manager and also managing a group of communication and networking consultants. It's quite rewarding, despite it taking quite a bit of energy.

My spare time right now goes mostly towards trying to get a proper workout each week. I prefer running in the summer and mixes in a couple of passes at the gym. Then I'm also in the process fix up the style in my apartment and setting up the new home theatre. Anyway, so much to do, so little time to do it in.

The Site

These pages were built using pure xhtml 1.1 and css 2. I started learning html about two weeks before the new site went live. After going through about three different iterations, these being plain html, frames and iframes, I finally settled on pure xhtml. Mostly because i think this is the most future-proof way of doing things. The galleries are generated by a slightly redone(hex editors are quite usefull sometimes) photoshop plugin and template. These were edited so the output is .asp files formatted in xhtml 1.1 compatible code. That is, all tags in lower-case, all layout done via style sheets, etc. It took quite a bit of time to customize the template to get everything correct. This especially as the inner workings of the plug-in isn't readily accessible and had to be guessed by trial and error mostly.

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